Notice to all customers EN-81-20

As an owner of marine elevators, it is important to know about two upcoming elevator safety norm changes that will affect your business.

  • The EN-81-1 replacing the EN-81-20 (1 September 2017)
  • Phase three of the EN-81-80 came into effect (1 January 2016).

These norms will make design, safety and maintenance rules much stricter, and appropriate action is needed to continue compliance on both existing and new elevators

Main changes in the EN-81-20

  • Improvements to unintended car movement
  • Light curtain of car doors to be non contact system
  • Double Lux lighting in car and shaft
  • Permanent inspection control unit also in the pit
  • Balustrade on car roof (much stricter)
  • Refuge space on car roof and pit (much stricter)

These changes will be applicable for existing elevators too, most probably in five year time. So when ordering a new marine elevator, better already specify to the EN-81-20 (or pay substantial extra money for modifications later).

Phase three of the EN-81-80 as per 1 January 2016

Nineteen additional improvements to existing elevators must have been completed. This ranges from improved ventilation, to improved fire resistance of landing doors. Compliance is essential to obtain the necessary elevator safety certificate.

In 2020 the fourth and last phase will come into effect with even more requirements.

We noticed a considerable number of owners not to be informed about the safety changes. This is a risk since safety inspection certificates can not be issued when not complying to the new norms, and owners can even be helt liable in case of an accident if no appropriate action was taken.

For that reason as an additional service, we offer a 45-minute interactive course explaining the changes in details to owners. There is no cost, and the presentation will be in your main office. We are convinced it will be of interest and help to your team.

If you are interested in the workshop at your local office, just send us an email at and we will schedule you into our programme.

Nick Bosch van Rosenthal
Mr Elevator

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